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Townsville – Sitting on the sun-drenched coastline of Queensland, we’ve got the hottest attractions for the Townsville region. When ready, browse vacation …

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  1. Dave M says:

    I plan on moving to either Brisbane or townsville in a few years. I currently live in Toronto and once I finish my schooling for motorcycle/jet ski technician, that's when I plan on moving to Australia. I'm looking for hot weather and fine women, beautiful landscape, mountains, lakes, some culture. Would I be right if I say, cost of living would be more affordable in Townsville than Brisbane? If Australian people read this, would you recommend Brisbane or Townsville ?

  2. Dave M says:

    I plan on moving to Townsville or Brisbane in a few years when I plan on finishing school here in Toronto. Are there a lot of motorcycle riders and jet Skis in Townsville? Is motorcycling a big thing in Townsville? Also, hows the weather there in terms of rain. I like thunder and lightning storms, do you guys get that a lot, or is it mostly sunny days? And Iv'e heard on the news, Townsville is known for street floods, is that common ??

  3. Emma Herron says:

    I lived in Townsville for two months and it is a very lovely place. The Ville hotel is lovely but the best part is magnetic island. Such a beautiful place 😍. If you go there you have to take the trek to Radical bay. I actually saw a Koala on the way. The strand is really nice and the view you get from castle hill is just stunning.

  4. Uncle says:

    You know what the good thing is you don’t ever have to worry about terrorisation or anything like that Because well there’s like a 5km army base and the thing is I live 4 hours the road

  5. neenykins18 says:

    Hi, great youtube clip! I grew up in Townsville and will be heading up there in April next year for a school friend's wedding. It looks a lot different from the last time I visited in 2012. If you do another promotional video please include Alligator Creek, Crystal Creek and Paluma Rainforest. Thank you for bringing back some fond memories!

  6. Me & My Travel Bugs says:

    Can definitely recommend Hinchinbrook Island – we recently hiked the Thorsborne Trail and was so easy to create an epic video with amazing landscapes at every turn… well worth the effort for the adventurous travellers!

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