50 thoughts on “Expedia YouTube Channel Trailer

  1. SPOTLITE TRANS 7 says:

    Good afternoon,

    We from the Spotlite Trans 7 team requested permission to display videos from the Youtube channel. Expedia.
    The video will be displayed on one of the Spotlite Trans 7 display segments, for the benefit we will include the name of your account / channel in our impressions.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Best regards,
    Spotlite Team

  2. Boxy 666 says:

    faith ooh faith , of course I did not forget.from todays day make expedia the strongest most successful the best the most lovely a tourist agency in the world /

  3. Thuy Tau says:

    Hi! Expedia. I love your programme. You make video really excellent! But I wonder I can use your videos for some TV show in Vietnam? I really advertise your video. Thank you for your attention!

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