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Dubrovnik – This Croatian city is one of Europe’s most enduring treasures. Check out the top places to visit in Dubrovnik and start planning a trip of your own!

49 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Herman Munster says:

    I feel so lucky to be a European (not EU) citizen. Europe is without doubt, the most architecturally diverse part of the world, and boasts some of the worlds most beautiful and historic cities.

  2. VictorLawyer _Pt says:

    I almost can see Cersei Lannister walking through the walls of Dubrovnik (aka King's Landing) with those evil eyes, and thinking "how can I conquer the seven kingdoms". Dubrovnik, The City of Game of Thrones…..

  3. Alessio Lokar says:

    It would be necessary to tell also that Dubrovnik paid always a tribute to the Ottomans in order to have guaranted independence and freedom of business and religion in the Balkans.

  4. Dan Bac says:

    Must Visit places in Croatia are Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik and Krka Falls, Hvar, Korcula, Vis, Brac, Rovinj, Opatilja, Zagreb, Plitvice, Rastoke, Varazdin, Rovinj, Losinj Island, Murter island.

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