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Kyoto – long considered one of Japan’s most beautiful cities. From its temples to its modern delights, check out the top sights of Kyoto. When ready, browse …

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  1. 東京日本橋梅田 says:

    Maybe, almost sightseers go to Kiyomizudera (清水寺) in Kyoto. I think that you do not know Kiyomizudera has four faces or four colors. In springs, Kiyomizudera has pink color, and becomes pink color because of Sakura (桜). In summers, it has beautiful green color. In Autumns, it has red color because of Momiji or Kohyoh (紅葉). Finally, in winters, it has white color, needless to say. Unfortunately? lol, you should go to Kyoto four times, that is, you should go there in a spring, a summer, a autumn, and a winter.

  2. Vân Anh says:

    Kyoto is one of the most beautiful city which I traveled in Japan. Everything is true in this video. However, I didn't visit to Bamboo Forest. It was a pity. I didn't say goodbye to Japan because people said that: "If you say goodbye to sth or someone, it means you won't come back". So I decided not to say it. See you again, Japan – my dream country. From Vietnam !

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