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Dublin – where history and heritage thrive, and good cheer abounds. Check out the top sights and stories of the capital city and start planning a trip of your own!

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  1. Dublin Bay says:

    I have been blessed to have lived in Dublin all my life. I have traveled far and Wide. From Paris, London, Spain, China, Russia, United States, Cuba, South Africa and many other countries. It’s only when you travel around the world that you really appreciate how much an incredible city and country we have.

  2. John Patrick King says:

    My grandmother brought me and family members to ireland in 1967, 73 & 80. Walking down O'Connell street I get the Deja Vu sensation. I remember standing right by where Nelson's pillar had been, and standing before the GPO. Anyone else sense this ?

  3. Aetius says:

    I'm French and went to Dublin here are my comments / advice :
    – People are genuinely friendly and this is not a cliché !
    – Temple bar neighborhood is a great place for you to stay if you want to be nearby the pubs, otherwise, you can go to the Liberties, which is 10min by foot and it's great too !
    – The city is very interesting, but i'd recommend you to enjoy the city lifestyle rather than only go to the touristic places.
    – Trinity college is impressive though.
    – The port area is very nice too and mixes modern and traditionnal architecture.

    Cons :
    – Transportation is really shitty (from a continental european perspective) and expensive.
    – Biking in the city is putting your life at risk.
    – Too many roads everywhere.

    Appart from that i'd recommend the city to anyone, also try to get away from Dublin, i stayed one day in Kilkenny and it was really interesting to visit too !

  4. Gerhard Wallisch says:

    Servus ich war jetzt eine Woche in Dublin und kann nur sagen eine absolut sehenswerte offene und lebende Stadt absolut weiterzuempfehlen ich werde wiederkommen dublin ist eine Reise wert nicht zu unterschätzen aufs Land zu fahren traumhafte Landschaften einfach top dublin

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