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Moscow – a city standing proudly at the helm of the great nation of Russia. Follow us through the sights and stories of this historic city. When ready, browse …

33 thoughts on “Moscow Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Renuka Thazhava says:

    I ve been to Newyork and Moscow. Of course Newyork is an unparalleled vibrant feel that make you wanna go again and again, but Moscow is an unadulterated untold story you can only experience but can't convey with words…….

  2. Denver Johnson says:

    As an Indian I have had a special connection to Russia, i have been to Moscow on four occasions and every time I visited it i had the same excitement the first time I visited it, it's so beautiful at night with the lovely old lamps and settings in the backdrop. I've been to St Petersburg, and Sochi and they are equally beautiful.

  3. celine m says:

    We went to Moscow in July. The weather was great, sunny blue sky and beautiful formations. The city is beautiful, great museums, people are friendly and helpful. The "new Russian cruisine" is amazing and performance is Bolshoi is needless to say. The whole week has exceeded our expectations. We would love to go back one day!

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