Bruges in 4K

All video footage is owned by Around The World 4K and it can be licensed as stock footage from Create your own version of “Bruges …

47 thoughts on “Bruges in 4K

  1. T vb says:

    euh you need to be better informed before you film….you mist out on the most beautiful spots ….duh bonifacius bridge and the Gruuthuse castle….let alone the cathedral…this was all filmed in the same spot..

  2. Bianca G says:

    Too bad the video shows the same places from a different angle over and over. Seeing every place in this video in person, would take about 30 minutes. It shows about a square kilometer of a much bigger beautiful city.

  3. Luca Stancanelli says:

    Complimenti per il fantastico video. Un mix di vita quotidiana e storia. Mi piace tantissimo la colonna sonora che non riesco a trovare per poterla ascoltare senza nessun sottofondo. Un bel lavoro. Bravi.

  4. Lowie Patat says:

    According to Belgian law this video is illegal because of the people and the houses in the video. You cannot film people and houses and publish the video without the consent of these people and the owners of the filmed houses. That's Belgian law and to my knowlegde Belgium is probably the only country in the world having such a privacy law. In other words this footage is NOT owned by Around the World 4k.

  5. Céline Perquy says:

    I'm so glad I stumbeled opun this! You filmed this the year my boyfriend and I got together. On our first dates we explored the art exposition (the mirror figure, the docks on the water…) This reminds me of those butterfly feelings 🦋❤️ thank you

  6. Amber V says:

    So incredibly happy about the way you captured my hometown, I love it deeply <3
    Because of some of the shots (dancing people, the guy who plays the saxofone, the signs in the litte courtyard) I knew when you shot this and thought that was quite funny

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