48 thoughts on “Banff Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. CanadaAuroraBorealis says:

    I am Western Canadian, and have been a fan of Banff and the Canadian Rockies for 50 years, and I worked in Banff in the tourism industry for 10 years. I like this video, I think it portrays the Town and the Park very well, although you should make it clear that this video is filmed in winter, and in summer the snow melts in town by April 1, and from all but the highest mountain tops by August.

  2. Martyupnorth says:

    To truly discover Banff you need to head into the backcountry. My channel has videos of all my multi-day hikes in Banff, Jasper and other parks. I have hiked all the famous trails (Molar Pass, Rockwall, Taylor Lake, Skyline, North Boundary Trail, Glacier Lake and more), as well as far off the beaten path. My videos also describe logistics like access points, as well as many useful hiking tips. Cheers.

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