Visit Chicago – The DON'Ts of Visiting Chicago

Chicago, the Second City of the USA has so much for tourists to do. The Art Institute of Chicago, The Magnificent Mile, The Shed Aquarium, The Willis/Sears …

35 thoughts on “Visit Chicago – The DON'Ts of Visiting Chicago

  1. Warped Perception says:

    LMAO ! I actually talk like that LBVS. but man you have everything dead on! I legit thought you were from Chicago. But For Pizza Stuffed and Deep Dish … Pequod's. and old school original style Pizza … Naty's Pizza.

  2. Brandon Cooper says:

    You will get kicked out of some hot dog joints for asking for ketchup on your hot dog. This place im specifically talking about is in Melrose park right down the road from that big nun convent lol.

  3. Mark Lutzen says:

    when he speaks about that no many things to do at night at? he speaks about the Financial district and Theatres area which is in south downtown there are many things to do after 4 or 5 Pm if you hit North downtown area, near to water tower, Chesnut St, many good restaurants and night clubs! and People are very friendly and drivers yes… more kind than the drivers in New York!


    Hey Wolter! Thanks for the tips. I just got back from Chicago for 4-day Dental Conference and followed your advice and had fun. I enjoyed the Hancock tower experience and had snacks at the signature lounge. The cloud gate was also awesome, with fewer people but more nice photo opportunities. I did walk and enjoyed it in the winter season. Please continue your good works. Thanks.

  5. Nick99 says:

    DO: Visit the rooftop bar at the London House it has an AMAZING view of the loop/river

    DONT: Visit areas like West Lawn, Gage Park, Riverdale (it is nothing like the TV show) or really anywhere on the south side.

  6. Julie Mitchell says:

    This dude must have money. He thinks everything is safe & affordable. Most of the best Summer fests are gone or very nearly gone.

  7. Jeremy Trager says:

    Oh please. Born and raised there, lived 40 years.

    There is only ONE don't:

    Don't ever go there between October and May.

    Because it will be freezing cold.

    Oh wait, one more:

    Don't drive.

    Traffic will make you wish you were dead.

    Otherwise it's the best city on earth.

  8. Vicky Camarena says:

    Born, raised and still live in Chicago. Driving isn't bad during non-rush hours. Agree on parking. CTA public transit in Chicago sucks! Don't agree that it's great. Take Uber if your budget allows. DON'T party in Wrighleyville unless you're a Douchebag frat boy or just lame. Just go see the game at Wrigley field and then leave. Check out Pilsen and the new Breweries on the Westside near United Center. DO go to NEIGHBORHOOD festivals in the Summer but Don't bother going to Taste of Chicago, it's done….time to stick a fork in it. Do check out the various ethnic neighborhoods, Chinatown, Little Village(Mexican), Argyle(great Vietnamese food) Devon(Indian). YES DO check out the Architecture, the boat tour is great! Lots of roof top bars downtown and River North areas. Yes Do EAT. We have the best food! Lots of yummy food in the trendy restaurant district: West Loop & Fulton Market areas and the neighborhoods. Lots of us do have a Slight Chicago accent. Just ask us to say Dog and you'll see. My kinda town Chicago is!

  9. Daniel Thomas MacInnes says:

    Hey, nice shout-out to Billy Goat Tavern! That is the best burger joint in town. Get a double or triple cheeseburger and fries and prepare to be amazed.

    As for the weather in winter, it’s not that cold. The locals love to whine about weather but it’s not bad at all. But I’m from Duluth, Minnesota, so I have a much higher tolerance.

    For tourists, I recommend taking the architecture boat tour, the top of the Hancock building, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Chinatown, Lincoln Park Zoo. For food, Lou Manalti’s is the pizza place to visit, but I also highly recommend Panino’s on the north side for their outstanding thin-crust sausage.

  10. DjJokerr says:

    What about if you lived in Chicago for years and now live in the burbs 10 minutes of north of Chicago? Still can't say you're from Chicago? That's dumb! People that don't live in IL know Chixago and not the burbs surrounding it.

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