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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Affordable US Vacation Cities | MojoTravels

  1. Dom Guillochon says:

    Wrong ! I live in San Diego … it is very expensive . It seems that most of the USA is only for rich people . Sad ! The only affordable places might some of the small towns in the boondocks and I am talking about cheap motels that are probably bed bugs infested .

  2. Eli Grant Weinmann says:

    I live in Vegas, and while most of what you've said about the city is right, it should be noted that hotels (especially on the Strip) will charge a "resort fee" of about 20-30 dollars PER DAY. So the room rates may look low, but there a lot of hidden fees. And most Strip properties charge for parking as well. If you really want a Vegas room that's inexpensive, try off the strip. I recommend Stations Casinos

  3. Jason Mims says:

    I've been to Las Vegas and it appears cheap when booking but you can spend lots of money there. One way is the hotels charge a resort fee which can be $30-40 per night you stay so your $80 a night hotel on the strip could wind up costing you $120 a night if the resort fee is $40. Then if you get room service expect to charged big for that. If you don't control yourself with gambling you will spend tons and don't get started on the shows. I heard rumors that if you want to sit in the front row at those really popular shows like Cirque de Solei it can cost $800-1000.00. so Vegas is not cheap. 😬

  4. My Nintendo Gaming Feed says:

    Detroit, MI! We've got a lot more than just what was said on this video (Like, touring the Ford River Rouge Factory, the RenCen, the TCF Center, the Great Lakes Crossing, The Mexicantown, The Corktown, the Greektown, etc.)!

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