Astana Kazakhstan City Tour

Welcome to Astana Kazakhstan! Within twelve hours of landing in Astana Kazakhstan for the first time, I was out exploring the city! I had been wanting to come to …

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  1. New Lagu says:

    The State of INDONESIA will also move its capital, as many countries have done, the original capital of Indonesia in Jakarta (Java) will be moved to Kalimantan (Kalimantan Island) on December 23, 2019 has just announced the winner of the new capital design competition INDONESIA. mid-2020 builders will be implemented, and cost 33 billion US dollars.

  2. ALI MOLLAH ALI says:

    Did this two things made Kazakhs number very poor? 1 Is communisms rules. 2 Is prophet’s speech “when my followers will become shameless, they will give birth of many children like foxes and dogs?” second speech didn’t have solid proof. May be the first one is responsible for this, if it is the problem, what should be the solution. My grandmother had ten children. She was khanoom. Kazakhs were not lucky like Kalashnikov’s mother, double khanoom(mother of ten children).

  3. Aline Cardoso says:

    Wells' earlier expedition in 1998 had provided blood samples from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan and he reconne with a man Niyazov-a Kazakh Turk who lives in Kazakhstan near the border of Kirgyzistan. Niyazov has African markers that go back 2000 generations and also has an important Y chromosome marker called P-M45, which is ancestral to R-M207 and Q-M242. That indicates Central Asia is where M45 originated and where both Europeans and Native Americans were descendant from. Niyazov is descended in an unbroken line from the people who originally occupied Central Asia 40 000 years ago. Dr. Spencer Wells who wrote a book titled "Journey of Man" claims he has evidence based on the Y-Chromosome tests, the first group followed the coast line of southern Asia all the way to Australia 50.000 years ago after Africa. Another group about 40.000 years ago walked again but took an inland route and first settled in Kazakhstan. This group then spread to west thru Russia, some to China and some to Siberia and Alaska, North&South America and some to Pakistan/India. He states that he identified the M9 "Central asian" marker which first occurred among people of Central Asian (Turkestan) steppes 40.000 years ago. He claims that a man named Niyazov (a Kazak Turk) has the M9 but no subsequent markers, therefore he must have descended in an unbroken line from the people who originally occupied Central Asia 40.000 years ago. Wells states that Niyazov's gene was the father to most Europeans, most Asians, most Indians and many Native Americans. . Apparently there are 2 subspecies of our species, a tropical one and a temperate one. The tropical subspecies is represented by sub-Saharan Africans, Melanesians, Australian Aborigines, and some Dravidians. The temperate subspecies includes all the rest of the world peoples, descended from one man who lived in Kazakhstan about 40,000 years ago.
    Hello cousins/brothers everywhere on earth

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