20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide

Join us as we visit Vienna, Austria in this travel guide covering 20 things to do in Vienna (Wien) including top attractions such as grand palaces and museums …

46 thoughts on “20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide

  1. Peter Panino says:

    Protest against the IS terror center in Vienna! SAUDI ARABIA has executed exactly 184 people with the sword in 2019. And we stupid Austrians afford a SAUDI-ARABIC religious center with diplomatic status in Vienna ("König-Abdullah-Zentrum", Schottenring 21, 1010 Vienna). Saudi Arabia is one of the main sponsors of the terrorist group IS (ISIS) and spreads Salafism all over Europe. Close the Saudi terror center in Vienna!

  2. Vergel says:

    I would like to say thanks for making videos such like this! The very first video i watched of you guys was your trip to Brazil; Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro…. i travellled to those wonderful cities on August, with the help of your youtube blog! I saw many wonderful things and experienced a lot after all the recommendations from your youtube vid!….and now next to the list is Vienna!😍🥰 This video really helps a lot for young travellers like me! 😄😄😄 thanks for the great travelling blog! God bless you guys! ❤

  3. Ken Lee says:

    What's the general opinion on the confectionery called Mozartkugeln (also the Sisi one). Are these commercial tripe or quality stuff? I found them quite good.

  4. Rose Rapture says:

    Omg I loveeee your travel videos. I watched your Edinburgh one many times before I went there and now I’m planning a trip to Austria and Germany! I love how you incorporate amazing food into your videos and it gives me an idea of what to try!! Thanks so much.

  5. fapsii blablabla says:

    Best Austrian food
    Everytipe of knödel
    (Leberknödel, marillenknödel)
    Wiener zuckerl
    Werters original
    Semmel mit extrawurst und guckerln
    Mohr im hemd

  6. Owen Peters says:

    I can't wait to go there next month! Getting the train from Salzburg.
    I'll only be there for 2 nights though. What's the best things for me to do within the 2 nights? Can anyone recommend anything? 🙂

  7. nohasamy77 says:

    I need your help please, I'm traveling next summer to Europe but I haven't decided yet which city to visit, Barcelona or Vienna, so since you have visited both of them, which one do you recommend more? I like visiting ancient places and churches and also I love shopping.

  8. Colin Hall says:

    I just have to say I love your videos. I've watched a few of them before purely for entertainment, but I'm backpacking Europe next month and your videos on Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw etc are incredibly helpful for planning my trip. I love that you list all the places in the comments too. Thanks for the amazing work 🙂

  9. Barbara Davidian says:

    Nice video ~ makes me want to fly home soon again! A bit of info that not many foreigners know is that the origional chocolate cake creation known as Sacher Torte is found at Café Demel ~ Sacher was an apprentice there, he stole the recipee made a minor adjustment and won the annual imperial baking competion of that time ~ thus naming the cake Sacher cake (torte)…..Demel's is tastier…and old family recipees are also better!

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