Singapore Travel Guide

Our Singapore travel guide! We had a fantastic time in this wonderful city, and now we can share our favourite tips, tricks, eats and drinks for your next visit to …

39 thoughts on “Singapore Travel Guide

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  2. David Harris says:

    Love your travel guides! They are my go-to as a world traveller but I have to disagree with you on one point. I said to my partner that we have to go to McDonald's to try the Mc Spicy! She's like what? McDonald's!!!! No way, you never eat that stuff but I resisted her protest and after a superb Singapore sling at Raffles, we duly crossed the road and ordered the Mc spicy and prepared our but-holes. TBH, we didn't find it that spicy. But holes intact.

  3. angeluscorpius says:

    Good, accurate tips. Update: Uber has left Singapore. Grab had a monopoly for a short while, and then Go-Jek entered the market. Taxi fares have been rationalised – most of the fees and surcharges have been removed. But go with Grab or Go-Jek. You can agree to the fare upfront before you book.

  4. James Lee says:

    I love Singapore. Will travel back since I barely scratched the surfae in a 5-day vacation. I need to see more. However, I tried experimenting on trying the different Hainanese Chicken places at the Hawker Center. There is no difference in taste between those with long lines and those that do not. I don't know..maybe the locals taste something that I don't.

  5. Marcin S. says:

    Can you PLEASE stop calling yourself Sherpa?? I truly appreciate your videos but reducing a whole ethnic group to one job which they are often forced to do for lack of other options is objectifying and disgraceful. The sherpa people's lives are often tragic and humiliating, the least we can do is not to treat the word "sherpa" synonymous with "porter/guide". I recommend the following fragment: Glory or Death: Climbing Mount Everest (Full Segment) | Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel | HBO Thank You.

  6. hectorsoy says:

    Yes, i take the MRT into the city. The first time i ever took the MRT into the city a beautiful singaporean girl helped me with the map. I new where I was going, i just happen to love looking at maps and was getting my bearings as that was my first time in Singapore. But she insisted on helping me and well… I didn't argue! I love Singapore!

  7. plue03 says:

    Thank you for taking time telling us about the food etiquette in Hawker centers.. We're not really sure if we should clean after we go or we should just leave our trays behind. So yeah, cheers mate!

  8. Alison Geduld says:

    It is a GORGEOUS city. We've just been and it is sparkling clean, beautiful and a delight to visit. Chinatown and Little Saigon are high on my list of experiences. We stayed at a reasonably priced hotel on Hongkong Road in the Charles Quay area and it was a great location. Minutes from the MRT Station at Charles Quay and Chinatown. The city is pricy but you can get away with a cultural experience worthy of many beautiful memories without going full-on baller! I will be back Singapore <3

  9. Ivan B says:

    Right, you did not mention GAY thing, not legal in Singapore, or some of your GUIDES. Some people want to know. Me being gay….would never go ( or fly airlines ) to places where gays are criminals. Anyway….love your vlogs

  10. GotAnySoup214 says:

    Singapore is the best city I’ve been to, the city is clean and beautiful, the locals are friendly and the food is to die for. I have been to Singapore about 3 or 4 times in my life and each holiday has been better than the last! I also loved the video, really informative! Also what is your fav thing to do there? 🇸🇬🇸🇬

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