Saudi Arabia: open for tourists | The Economist

Saudi Arabia is spending half-a-trillion dollars on coastal resorts and an entertainment complex to try and attract more tourists. It’s part of the crown prince’s plan …

45 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: open for tourists | The Economist

  1. Natalia Spinelli says:

    Are women’s lives still controlled from Birth until their death by a male guardian? Do they still have women’s shelters (female prisons for disobedient women)???? Do they still execute journalists who critique the royal family?

  2. caasho like you says:

    As black muslim I love Egypt most kinds people no racist well educated people I'm Canadian other Arab they respect my passport not my faith my color 🙏thanks to allah I'm proud Canadian give me equal opportunity and rights other Canadian 🇨🇦

  3. Yahkins B F says:

    As of late, I’ve been more interested in visiting the real Mt. Sinai , Mt Horeb (jebel Laws), and the split rock of Moses. I’ve seen too much evidence now and I’m so glad the Saudi’s protected the holy sites from all the cluttered churches/ monasteries that litter Jerusalem.
    I know the Saudis would do it right by not allowing the holy sites to be ruined

  4. Alejandro Candelario says:

    I plan to visit Saudi Arabia in March 2020…I have visited 6 countries so far, but I can honestly say that this time I am overwhelmed with excitement. I'm thrilled to actually get to see a country that has been historically closed to tourism and will have so many fresh and new things to do and experience.

  5. Habeeb Aslam says:

    This is Area of Thamud peoples disobeys and not follows the rules of Allah and Nabi Saleh. Then Allah finally destroyed this peoples and community with generations. please don't visit this area Alarm warning to all humankind..

    Same manner Now Allah going to destroy Humankind not following his Superior Laws of Allah in this World..And all nations following laws as Superior of UN nations with US, UK, Israel, Saudi, Arabian Nations etc…Alarm warning to all humankind..

    Please do not visit this Area… Saudi, Arabia now become very Dangerous. Allah declare the war to all UN nations going to collapse..

  6. dadada486 says:

    Travel is my passion and i have visited many countries that, some would say, have a questionable human rights record (those constantly on about this must have travelled to not many countries!). I have still visited them with open mind and with the intention of cultural exchange and understanding. To the people of Saudi Arabia, I would say one thing however. What a country chooses to do in their own country, and the kind of laws and traditions they enforce, is a lot less important to me than what they do to other countries. It is a country's record of inflicting war, violence and terror, whether directly or through ideology and finance, that I find most troubling, and makes me feel that I would not want to enrich it with my tourist spending.

  7. بدر الدهيمي . says:

    حتى الأجانب حاقدين عليكم مساكين هم وإعلامهم بمقطع يمدحون ايران وبعض قادة ايران وبمقطع يسبون السعودية مرة اخرى مساكين وهم وإعلامهم واللهم اعزنا وادم علينا نعمتك بالبترول او بدونه 🇸🇦.

  8. Jovan Tasevski says:

    I wonder why I can’t comment on the “visit Saudi Arabia advertisement”
    So this channel will get my view on that.
    As long as the Saudi rulers are in bed with the devil. I as a God fearing man will only come to Saudi to give some God fearing love to theses Kabala worshipping light of lucifer wankers.

  9. Jacqueline Filo says:

    Who the hell gives a shit about Saudi Arabia!!! Nobody goes there to have fun. People only go there for work. There’s nothing but malls there. That’s it…DISGUSTING people in a DISGUSTING country!!! And the people there are so lazy!! They never exercise. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 YOU GUYS MAKE ME SICK!!!

  10. Tomáš Telenský - vlog says:

    0:14 "people like it here as it's very quiet area…. everytime I feel the God here… so we are going to build double Disney world here"

    OMG. So what is basically beautiful country full of God and heritage, you are going to turn it into Disney Land? Luxury resorts? This is exactly what repulses me as a tourist. This is how you destroy the local spirit and slowly dilute it into chaos. Don't do it Dubai style. You are different as you said. Just open yourself friendly to tourists and let small stylish arabian style hotels flourish.

  11. SEE Vision says:

    Saudi Arabia Is a country were freedom of speech is taken away. Speak against the government and you’ll be murdered. Saudi Arabia is a oil run country using weapons to kill its neighboring country. Saudi Arabia is a family run business. A country with 30,000 royal members competing for power.

  12. Russ Gunn says:

    I used to live in Saudi Arabia when I was young and my father worked for Saudi Aramco. I'd love to go back as a tourist but I won't if it ends up being another Dubai. I want to see the country, landscapes, culture, people and history. Not a hotel, bar or theme park.

  13. Hikmat Safa says:

    I would say Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country so they should focus more on Islamic and Muslim tourism, not by opening beaches, nightclubs and bars. other people will not come to Saudi to view its beaches and nightclubs because of its cheaper and good places around the world.

  14. DCdent151 says:

    Beautiful video! I would like to visit this country with my wife and children someday. I can completely do without alcohol, but my wife in a scarf I can not imagine. To ride in the heat and walk fully clothed-it's hard for me to imagine. And how to swim in the sea?! Fully clothed, too?!

  15. Tom Harry says:

    Sorry to sound harsh but it is strange to see so many Indians Saudi Arabia. Most indian Hindus hate Muslims and are committing all sorts if atrocities in India including lynching people even children in broad daylight for being Muslim. They hate this culture and in long run would harm Saudis.

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